Gurkha Factum Cigar Combo Kit in Support of Armed Forces

Recently on one of my many Cigar-Deal-Finding adventures I stumbled across and interesting combo deal. Sure, every cigar reseller out there has a few, but this one stood out far beyond the replication of the others. The main reason is simple, it takes care of those who take care of you. is offering a Cigar Combo deal that not only supports a cigar smoker’s wallet, but his morale as well. When you purchase the following combo will actually donate a cigar to someone (in desperate need of a smoke) in the armed forces. Hows that for doing your good deed for the day? Boyscouts Ho!

Gurkha Combo

Gurkha Combo

Here is what the deal includes:

  • 5 Gurkha Factum Cigars
    • Wrapper: Aged Cameroon
    • Binder: Dominican
    • Filler: Dominican Long Filler
    • Size: 7.5×52
  • 10 Cigar Travel Humidor
    • Lined in Spanish Cedar
    • Magnetic Lid Closure
  • Lotus Vertigo Jazz Torch Lighter
  • Double Blade Guillotine Cutter
  • Crystal Gel Travel Humidifier

Pretty nifty eh!? I’m not a spokesperson for the company at all, just thought the gesture was interesting. Afterall, outside of smoking cigars the smile on a friend’s face once handed over a fresh stogie is an incredibly joyful experience. So when are they going to offer this deal to Graphic Designers?!? *hint hint


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