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There’s a time and a place…

In the past, employment was always just that, employment. Sometimes less, but nothing more. Sure my jobs meant a lot to me, and I always did the best I could. But they weren’t my career. They were a paycheck, a storage facility for my dreams. Now that I am finally at the point where I am doing what I have always wanted to, I face completely different obstacles. Instead of watching the clock, waiting for the second I get to come home and live life forgetting all about work, and what needed to be done in future days. Its the exact opposite. I look forward to each new day, and the chance to be working on something new, experiencing un-charted waters, learning in this challenging field.

This may seem fine and dandy, but my question is this:

When you reach the ultimate career goal and find yourself doing what you have always dreamed of doing, how do you disconnect?

So many days I leave work only to began the daunting drive home where all I can think about is how to handle a project, what better CSS techniques could have been implemented, what research I need to do, the easiest way to handle embedded font tweens in actionscript, and so fourth. Then I get home, and instead of spending valuable with my wife, friends, and family, I’m stuck thinking about the next day or work.

I guess this post is less of a blog and more of a venting of frustration. I need to find that niche because being in “work mode” 99% of the time is in no way playing a positive role in my personal life. I’m in desperate need of any type of comments any of you out there can share on how you handle letting go once you leave the office.


Rustic Map Filter?!

In the past few months I have drifted further and further away from the blogosphere and just about any other social media out there as well (with the exception of twitter). As it did much good in my life, it still always felt as if something was lacking. I needed an outlet, a way to express myself and my need for inspiration on a day to day basis. Alas here it is. I will be posting about random thoughts, useful design / development insights, funny expieriences, and all in all a day in the life of me. Prepare to be unfufilled…

On a side note: anything said here in no way represents the feelings or aspects of my current employer.