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I am Tony Casas. I am a Web Designer / Creative Manager for Stanton Street. I am El Paso Texas. I am a loving husband to my best friend in the world.  I am in love with all things artificually flavored banana. I am into things Curb Your Enthusiasm. I am a geek. I am probably either hungry, thirsty, sleepy, or suffering from a headache.

Tony Casas

Tony Casas


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  1. Jared on

    Hey man,
    Love the reviews. I stumbled across your page after I saw your name on google after several searches for ACID Reviews. We have similar tastes in smokes and beers it seems. I am in Germany with the Army, so Acid/Drew Estates are tough to come by. Beer however is not.
    Anyway, keep up the good work. And thanks!


  2. tonycasas on

    Good day Jared,

    Thanks a ton for the read, and the kind words. I started with Drew Estate cigars. I love coffee and all thier coffee based blends are top notch. I then moved on to the ACID’s before hitting more traditional cigars. I’ve always been an infused smoker, and always will be.

    Germany eh?! Sounds like you’re in the right place for the right beers my man! There are tons over there that I would kill get my hands on. Drink up bro! Cheers!

  3. Drew on


    I’m currently in Las Cruces, and haven’t yet been able to find ACID’s anywhere around here. I typed in “Drew Estate El Paso” and your site popped up.. It’s awesome, and I was just wondering if you could direct me to the best place in El Paso to pick some up?!



    • tonycasas on

      Hey Drew!

      There is only 1 cigar shop in cruced that I know of (it’s in some hotel), I think it’s called Lucas tobacco or something like that. They do not carry infused cigars, but the guy that owns the shop is really nice. There are about 6 shops in el paso, all of which carry a few ACID’s, but there is one shop that carries the most, and because of their selection and service are at the top of my list.

      Tobacoo Tin – West. What you are going to do is take I-10 to el paso, then exit sunland park. Luckily for you it’s on the west side 🙂

      After exiting Sunland Park take a left on sunland and get into the right lane. RIGHT AFTER sunland park mall you take a right one Mesa Hills. its about a block up on the left side. Its in a small shopping center in front of the Toys R Us, and Academy sports, directly across from the mall. If you pass the mall you went too far.

      This is a neat family owned business, they carry a whole crap load of Drew Estates and always take care of me. If you get lost of anything feel free to email me (redletterdaydesign@gmail.com) and I will be more than happy to give ya my number so you can text me.

      Its hard to find cigar smokers in these parts… keep it up! 🙂

  4. Jared on

    Hey Tony! And Happy Thanksgiving. On that note, what will you be smoking on Turkey Day? I also wanted to say, I liked your review of Isla Del Sol. I need a good value smoke. Any other values you can think of?

    • tonycasas on

      Hey Jared!

      Happy Turkey day to yourself! Honestly this weekend I have 2 smokes lined up. Both A. Fuente. One is the Anejo Shark (can’t wait) and the other is the Work or Art Maduro Hemmengway.

      As far as value cigars, honestly look into the CAO La Traviata. Are you looking for infused? if so let me know!

      PS. I have changed my blog, you can view the new one at http://www.casasfumando.com

      Hope all is well!

      • Jared on

        I’m all about the infused!!! In fact. Since getting Acid/Drew Estate cigars here is such a hassle, I couldnt believe my luch when I found a Blondie in it’s wrapper in the parking lot near our office. My hopes faded as I saw it was soaked in rain water as it sat in a puddle. But I got creative. I took it home and put it in a tupperware with a bag of pipe tobacco. The tobacco soaked alot of the moisture out of the blondie. Now it’s in my humidor on R and R. I hope she turns out okay.

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