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ACID Liquid by Drew Estate – Cigar Review

With all the reviews I have been trying to kick out lately, I get more and more excited to site down and come up with another. This one will count as my weekly cigar review and it is that of Drew Estate’s ACID Liquid from the Fiery Red label.

ACID Liquid Cigar by Drew Estate

ACID Liquid Cigar by Drew Estate

Out of all of the ACID series the red line has to be the most “either you like it, or you hate it” branded line. I really enjoy almost any infused cigar so even one that most people would hate, I’d probably still enjoy.

The Good Stuff: According to Drew Estate The Fiery Red banded ACID cigars are supposed to serve as a warning for the most incerdible infused cigar smoke of your life. These concoctions start with ripe, black smoking tobacco intensely infused with the best botanical and oils around. Some smokers are taken by the powerful aroma’s and vibrant flavors, while only the hardcore aromatic cigar smokers sulk in their bliss.

Size: 5 x 50  –  Shape: Robusto  –  Wrapper: Connecticut  –  Strength: Medium – Full Bodied

Prelight: The first thing that you notice about the ACID liqiud is it incedibly smooth, light, oily Connecticut wrapper. This only accompanies the Drew Estate – Perfect construction. Its very rare that a less-than-perfect cigar is produced from their factory in Esteli Nicaragua. The ACID liquid cigar sports a very round cap, and has no veins or soft spots. The scent is amazing. It smells very similar to the acid blues, but a lot lighter, and much more complex with everything from hints of wine and floral scents, to creamy nut aromas. I think the hardest part about this review is going to be nailing the infusion as this blend is just remarkable in flavor construction.

First Smoke: One thing I didn’t like about this cigar right off the back was its tight draw. I love big hits, and huge smoke. This cigar was just wrapped much tighter than I am used to. Most of Drew Estate’s ACID cigars are very loose producing a remarkable draw that produces massive amounts of flavor. I’m scared this will make the pallet that much hard to nail down. Upon my first few draws my tastebuds were overwhelmed with a strong, and slightly bitter taste. Notes of dark wine, cashew, and a very floral combination. There were very slight hints of cedar, but i think those may have came to to storage of my humidor. This cigar didn’t leave much of an aftertaste. I got about an inch and a half before the first ash gave way.

Halfway There: The ACID liquid has become very bold in strength and continues to step it up. The flavor is still there although its beginning to soften on the floral end and just become much more wine/tobacco based. Still not much of and aftertaste and the draw is much too tight for my liking. I’m beginning to feel light headed at this point, but I’m not sure if its the massive hits I have to take off this cigar to produce any kind of draw or if its the bold strength of the tobacco. Still no signs at all of any misconstruction, and the burn is absolutely perfect.

Finish: Drew Estate’s ACID Liquid finished off incredibly strong. By the end of the cigar the flavor was almost gone, but the tobacco strength was almost double what it began with. I took this cigar close enough to the nub to call it quits. Again, no signs of unwrapping and the burn was near perfect all the way through.

Overview: Despite my negative reviews this cigar was not a bad smoke at all. I’m just overly critical when it comes to any of the ACID branded cigars. My only miff with the cigar was the tight draw. I have two of these guys and both are the same so it has to be a consistency issue. One thought is that the flavor is so complex, the draw must be tighter to not only get the full effect, but to carry the flavor all the way through the smoke. Just an opinion though.

Would I try it again? Yes, but not an everyday smoke.

Would I suggest it? Totally, especially to anyone who is into cigars, and interested in trying aromatics.


Drew Estate ACID Cold Infusion Tea Cigar Review

I know its been well over a week, but with Fourth of July and my wife’s birthday all hitting close to the same time I’ve had little chance to sit down and lay down a review. I have had quite a few smokes though, another Java Maduro, A Tabak Especial Maduro, An ACID Liquid, a Drew Estate Naturals – Dirt Torpedo. All wonderful cigars. But there is one that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about.

Drew Estate ACID Cold Infusion Tea:

Drew Estate - ACID - Cold Infusion Tea

Drew Estate - ACID - Cold Infusion Tea

This was another one of the first smokes I have ever had and again, one of my favorites. Outside of coffee the next great additive to a cigar…TEA.

Not only are these great cigars, but for the price… UNBEATABLE. I picked this one up from the local El Paso brick and mortar shop “Tobacco Tin”. These guys are AMAZING. If you are local, or visiting definitely check them out. They have shops on both the east and west side of town with a MASSIVE selection in both. Not to mention top notch service!

On To The Good Stuff:

Strength: Medium  –  Size: 6 3/4 x 44  –  Wrapper: Natural Connecticut  –  Country: Nicaragua

Cold Infusion Tea is part of the ACID Gold line of infused cigars. These Cigars are carefully infused using Drew Estate’s secret infusion process with notes of everything from floral, to peach cobbler (no joke).

Prelight: This cigar has to be one of the best scented ACIDs ever created. The scent isn’t as strong as the Acid Blue’s but it is unbelievably enticing. The construction again, was impeccable. No visible veins. There were small amounts of filler tobacco found hugging the outside of the cigar, but these quickly brushed off with a soft blow. I usually tend to like shorter, fatter cigars. This one is just the opposite. Its long narrow construction forms a perfect fit in your hands making for a comfortable wield.

First Smoke: Again, I am using a Cuban Crafters double bladed “Perfecto” blade and a single flame standard colibri butane torch. I’m really tied to this cutter, but I may choose a Xikar double blade once I can convince myself its worth it. And as far as the torch, I’ll probably hold on to this guy until its death. At first, this cigar produces a VERY smooth draw. Scratch that, UNBELIEVABLY smooth draw. The only downfall was it didn’t produce as much smoke as I am used to. A lot of that has to do with the shape. The taste is remarkable. A pallet full of fruits, hints of what I think is green tea, and floral scents. The taste is in no way overpowering. It’s lightly infused not flavored. The burn was perfectly even and ash held on for at least a good inch before falling off.

Halfway There: This came to me as a surprise but about halfway through the cigar the draw begins to increase. The flavor stays the same making for an incredible smoke. It felt as if the cigar gained strength well into the smoke. Could this be due to the shape as well?!? I’m not too sure but it was a great surprise. The cigar is still burning even.

Finish: I took this guy all the way down to the nub. I was “in the zone” so I even took it into the “danger zone”, and my burnt lips didn’t regret it. Unlike the surprise halfway through this cigar, the draw and taste remained consistent. It was almost like I wasn’t even close to reaching its end. The wrapper held its shape all the way through with no signs of unwrapping keeping a consistently even burn.

Overview: This is a great cigar for many reasons. If you are new to smoking, or to smoking infused cigars, then this is the perfect introductory smoke. Not too harsh, not too powerful, and not too flavorful. If you have been turned off by ACID cigars because of the heavy scent and flavor then this is a good medium and definitely worth a shot. And of course, if you love infused cigars, and ACID brands, then this is right for you.