A man who letter spaces lower-case letters will steal your sheep?!

I had a random conversation with my wife last night concerning a few issues on the new business cards I had ordered for the company. I mentioned to her how an art director once lent me a book on typography that stated :

a man who letter spaces lower-case letters will steal your sheep

Needless to say that on those business cards I letter spaced the hell out of my lowercase words. I have always used this technique, and have always found it clean, modern, and easy to read.

She then proceeded to ask me

Is that something you want you company to be remembered for?

After much consideration I had arrived at my answer….Why the heck not?!

My conclusion was quite simple. Typography has always been around, and despite what most designers will think (I’ll probably get slammed for this..) I don’t think any person, or group of people, created it; nor had they set any type of standards for typography.

The way I see design is different than most. I wasn’t taught by some over-the-hill professor with a glass eye who created Helvetica and why they are a man among men. Some lady who creates greeting cards for Hallmark didn’t teach me the difference between serif and sans-serif fonts. No, I learned to design off gut instinct, despite how many “design rules” I break. The hell with rules. If good designers followed rules 24-7 then there would be no separation in style, each piece would replicate one another. After all when it comes to design, anything you can think of, has already been done…Right?!

To me, web design is all about conveying information to the users in the most direct, clean and usable manner. At the same time you must capture the feel of the company you are designing for, and its purpose. As long as you abide by those “rules” then your good to go!

Explore, Create, Inspire. Its fun to break rules. And sometimes the best designs are created by those who know nothing about design standards.. Who sets those anyways?! AIGA


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