Return on Investment + Measurable Goals + Design = Headache

I haven’t been around much as of late. Not for lack of interest or commitment, but more so for lack of time and energy.

I have been carrying quite a design load around with me lately, in light of recent events this isn’t a bad thing. But, It feels really good when you are able to kick something out while being rushed that not only the client loves, but you are fond of as well. So you can imagine how hard it is to swallow concerning comments after satisfying not only the client but yourself. Especially when it comes from a colleague.
I fully understand why ROI is important not only from an analytic and client standpoint, but from a sales tool and case study point of view as well.

Basically, conversation have been going back and forth concerning our creative processes and over all design recently. It seems the concern is that designers worry more about colors, images, design flow, interface, and overall user experience thus, putting return on investment and measurable goals on the back burner.

This concerns me, as the absolute first question that I ask the client during our meeting is

what MEASURABLE GOAL do you want your website to accomplish?

from there I can start laying things out in my head, make changes to the scope where applicable, and overall start working out how to get a user from point a. (the homepage) to point b. (the web-owner’s measurable goal ie. checkout, donation form, event listing, etc.). It could be as simple as adding a prominent “donate now” button to the navi that will show up on every page, or as intricate as testing design flow on multiple users and what it is that they are looking for.

At this point i believe it is out of my hands and I have fully attacked ROI head on and made design related choices that will help benefit the clients roi, and help them reach their “measurable goals”. Is there something that I’m missing? There might just be.

I suppose that’s the question. What more can we do as interface architects to push the roi process post scope.


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